Elie Bleu Accessory Leather Cases 

Tangerine Lacquer

Satin Black Matte

J 14 Diamond Leather Case

Lime Lacquer

J-12 Torch Double Sided Wide Jet Flame Lighter Collection

Red Lacquer
Eggplant Lacquer
Platinum Satin 

Black Satin Resin Lacquer

Alba Yellow Marquetry


Exclusive Double E Torche Wide Flame Burner System
•3Square Air Filtration
•Carbon Fuel Filter
•Side Ignition
•Fuel View Tank Window with Level Gage
•Half Moon Flame Adjuster
•Inverted Ignition Fuel Shut Off System

 Brass Case Construction  
•Palladium Finishes
•Resin Lacquer

Black Matte 

It is the perfect weight, height and width for the cigar smoker.  There is an easy adjust flame system which allows the flame to be adjusted in various conditions.  The resin lacquer designs are as durable as they are beautiful.  

Alba Blue Marquetry

Resin Lacquer

F-1 Wide Flame Flint Lighter Collection


•Double Wide Cigar Flame
•Ergonomically Balanced: Perfect Weight, Height and Width
•Carbon Filter System
•Diamond Cut Flint Roller
•Easy Adjust Flame System
•Inlet Valve Door Protector. 
•Resin Lacquer
•Brass Case Construction
•Micron Gold Plated Finishes
•Platinum Finishes

Genuine leather carrying case:  Custom Patented design allows you to light your cigar without taking the lighter out of its case.  Purchased separately.

Black Lacquer 

Flint Wide Flame Leather Case 

Rosegold/ Blue  Resin Lacquer

Rosegold/ Black Resin Lacquer

Alba Black Marquetry

Satin Gold 

Mirror Platinum

Patented J12 Leather Case

Rose Gold/ Blue
Resin Lacquer

Black Matt Matrix 

Satin Two-Tone


•Diamond Jet Burner System
•Piston Cap Operating  System
•UV Durable Lacquer
•Side Ignition
•Fuel View Tank Window with Level Gage
•Half Moon Flame Adjuster
•Fuel Cover
•Brass Case  Construction
•Carbon Fuel Filter
•Rhodium Finishes

J-11 Thin Jet Flame Lighter Collection

Platinum Pinstripe

Patented design allows you to ignite the J12 in the case. 


•Exclusive Cigar Diamond Jet Burner System Technology
•3Square Air Filtration
•Carbon Fuel Filter
•Slide Ignition
•View Tank Window
•Slim Profile
•UV Durable Lacquer
•Chrome Finishes 

Alba Red Marquetry 


Black Lacquer 

Gold Vertical Lines

Bleu Lacquer 

Satin Platinum

Ignite the J11 in the patented leather case.

Black Pinstripe

Platinum/ Red
Resin Lacquer

Gold/ Black Resin Lacquer

Platinum/ Black Resin Lacquer

Patented J11 Leather Case

Black Pinstripe

Rose Gold 

Lemon Lacquer

J-14 Diamond Jet Flame Cigar Lighter Collection 

Rose Gold with Horizontal Lines & Marquetry