The MEDALS & NEW MEDALS Collection:

MEDALS: This new version of a famous cigar box label is one of the most famous models in the history of Elie Bleu .

NEW MEDALS:This modern version of the famous "Medals" collection combines tradition with uncluttered lines.  The humidor goes beyond the content and is in perfect harmony will all home interiors.


This section is full of unique and custom "theme oriented" humidors and accessories.  Casa Cubana is reminiscent of Cuba architecture.  There are patriotic themed, pirate themed and animal themed humidors just to name a few.  

The CLASSIC Collection: Timeless and rare veneers are sourced all over the world from the most remote places and brought to our factory to carefully be shaped onto the cases that will preserve your treasured cigars. 

The FRUIT Collection: The leaves of sycamore are dyed through an ancestral process then hand colored in Elie Bleu's workshop to reach intense and fresh colors of ripe fruit:  raspberry, orange, citrus, lemon, blueberry, green apple..Delicious! 

The ALBA Collection: A flavor of Cuban traditional cigar's  box ornament.  A colorful background made of sycamore or natural veneers.